Argus by Amanda C. Sandos


Hi there. I'm a strange bird, what they call an interdisciplinary artist. A long-time animal caretaker, and former professional zookeeper, I  coined the term "Animanity" in my graduate thesis as "the state of being animal."  I have been constantly exploring the concepts of animal sentience and the human/animal experience, looking at these ideas as a means of reconnecting all of us to our animal selves. I hope that this practice may help us begin to see ourselves as one of many equally important species on this planet. As a green artist, I use all environmentally friendly products, as well as recycling and up-cycling, in the making of my art.

I have sold paintings and photography internationally, and have received numerous awards including first place at the 2008 National Women's Art Show and the 2012 Award for the Arts from the Academy of Women. My first solo exhibition took place in 2008, just after graduating from Randolph-Macon Woman's College, with a double major in studio art and creative writing. I have since also published poetry, environmental journalism, and creative non-fiction in a number of magazines and journals, and have written numerous young adult fiction books for The Ravens Crossing under the pen name, Amanda Corlies.

My master's is in Interdisciplinary Art from Goddard College in Vermont, where I worked on the intersections between the disciplines of creative writing, studio art, and environmental studies. I can usually be found in my studio, Studio #1, at Art on 12th above the Art Box in downtown Lynchburg,  or outside surrounded by animals.